Founder Harry van der Zanden was an artist on candles! In 1943 he started at Bolsius Candles creating beautiful wax reliefs for all kind of candles. It was 34 years later (1977) that he -in consultation with Bolsius- started his own company, Wax Art Studio, producing and delivering paraffin ornaments for candles in a small village called Schijndel in the Netherlands.

In the eighties his daughter Hella Lelieveld van der Zanden had to take over designing wax reliefs, because Harry died. Hella designs the first model of all candle decorations completely by hand. When the design is finished she makes moulds of it and then our staff can start producing the designs. Hella is an expert in designing candle decorations consisting many colors of wax. Some of them have 10 colors of wax!

In 1999 Aad Lelieveld joined the company as general manager with commercial skills.

On account of the sharply risen ( international ) demand for our products we felt forced to extend our capacity. For this reason we moved in 1999 to a small village Eerde in the province of Noord Brabant.

The new premises and a thorough reorganisation resulted in a considerable increase in both productivity and quality of our wax ornaments for church candles in Europe.

Since we produce and control almost everything ourselves we manage to maintain the outstanding quality of all our products at affordable prices.

Mid 2001 we especially created a showroom.

As from December 2000 we opened up another sales office in Spain: Blancafort.
From there we provide our customers in this country and of course from our Spanish base we can easily deal with demands for our products from other southern European countries.

In 2018 we have moved to Veghel, a town in the south of the Netherlands. Our business premises there is more fit for our production then our former building.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly give you advice on any of the products you wish to use. Our entire staff speaks English, so that can’t be a problem !

Our new building at De Amert in Veghel, the Netherlands